My name is Don Lang, this is my 28th year teaching, and 18th year at Eastview!
Although my family currently lives in Bartlett, I was born in Chicago, raised in Mount Prospect,  and graduated from Prospect High School in 1984.
I received my Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University, Master's Degree in Education from National Louis University, and English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate from the American College of Education.
While in college, I was an M-60 tank crewman in the U.S. Army Reserves and to this day I still enjoy all aspects of military history. 
I am married to my beautiful wife, Patricia Rose, and own three rescue dogs (Butkus, Winston, and Harrison).
My interests are many...I love all kinds of music, play a little bass guitar and run sound for several local bands.  I like football, coffee, reading, high-tech gadgets, Jeeps, cars, classic movies, handyman work, and all kinds of food!  My wife and I run a non-profit that raises money to aid animal rescue (
As a teacher I try to be fair and flexible...yet very consistent.  You will find that I am very laid-back, and I strive to have a fun and enjoyable classroom.  If you want to do well in my class, you will need to listen to directions. pay attention to detail, and put forth honest effort.  
I look forward to having you in my class and to seeing my former students come and visit
You might not recognize me without my coffee...
Seems legit?
Getting hitched in Lake Geneva, WI 8.20.99
Our rescue puppies....Winston, Harrison, and Butkus
Army Basic Training - Fort McClellan, AL
What I drove while in the Army...M-60 tanks!
Eastview club that Mr. Davids and I sponsor - Strategy & Tactics
My mantra
Any former student of mine can tell you EXACTLY what a "Tasty Num-Num" is!
My favorite President...T.R.
U.S.S. Constitution - Boston, MA
The good old days...
The G.O.A.T.  (I have family in Massachusetts and Connecticut, so the Pats are my AFC team)
Four lads from Liverpool
My kids this year are awesome!
It kind of works...
True Beatles fans know who Stu is...
Foo Fighters
Paolo Nutini
I run sound for some friend's bands...
I play bass guitar in the band, "JackDaddy and the Traffic Jam"
Having a little fun with some friends...
We run a nonprofit that puts on music events to help animal rescue organiations!
One of my favorite places on Earth...
I love Jon Katz books
Great book!
Amazing read!
The book series is even better than the movie!
300 of my favorite history movies
Guilty pleasure...old Godzilla movies!
I love illusions!  We'll see alot of "mental floss" like this in the class notes...
My class is often referred to as "U.S. History / Music Appreciation"
(me at Paul Revere's grave in Boston  around 1986)
(me at Paul Revere's grave in Boston a few years back)
Days like this remind me why I've been teaching for 24 years!